My Story

I’ve always dreamed of being a pilot. And, while I don’t fly planes at 33,000 feet, I have in a way become one. Today, I pilot people to their life’s destination by helping them take control of their finances so they can achieve their dreams. My name is Philippe, and I am the founder of Kwajamii Financial.

My journey began in Guadeloupe. I was raised by a loving family who instilled in me the values of honesty, integrity, dedication and caring. Living out these values brought them happiness and success in life, which allowed them to support me as I attended university overseas and eventually moved to Canada. Not everyone is so lucky — I saw many talented classmates unable to afford post-secondary education. That has always stuck with me, and I’ve always hoped to one day help others like them realize their full potential.

My journey eventually led me to the world of finance. However, after nearly a decade as an investment professional at a well-known firm, it became clear that my life’s destination lay elsewhere. I craved the flexibility to manage my clients’ assets as I would invest my own funds. I needed the freedom to live out the values I was taught. Placing clients’ interests first should be more than just words. Kwajamii Financial was born.

Kwajamii’s Guiding Principles

We believe that everyone has the right to reach their life’s destination. Our mission is to help you take control of your finances so you can achieve your dreams, whatever they may be. The world of finance can be intimidating and confusing. It can be hard to know who you can trust. It can feel like you are being treated as just another number. Not at Kwajamii. We always put you first. We journey along with you. Your destination is our destination.

We also believe that businesses have the social responsibility to give back — they do not exist only to maximize profits. Businesses can and should do good. At Kwajamii, we aim to impact the lives of those who are the most vulnerable in society. That is why we founded a pilot project to provide funds to people in Kenya so they could start their own businesses. It has been very successful, and we are hoping to expand the project in the near future.

“Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

– Michelle Obama


What’s your destination? Our range of financial planning and investment services are the compass, map, and fuel we use to help you achieve your dreams. Each service is specifically tailored for you — that’s why trust and relationships are at the heart of our process. To best serve you, we must fully understand your specific goals and circumstances.

Financial Planning Services

Understanding Your Money

We provide a complete assessment of your current financial situation. From this base, we build your personalized budget and savings plan.

Eliminating Debt

We conduct a detailed assessment of your current debt situation and create a repayment plan to reduce your total borrowing costs.

Education Planning

We plan ahead so your children don’t have to worry about paying for their college tuition.

Mitigating Risk

We determine your key financial risks and craft your customized risk management plan.

Retirement Planning

We determine your specific retirement goals and establish a detailed plan to achieve them.

Achieving Your Dreams

We can help you achieve any other dreams or goals that you have, whether it’s the trip of a lifetime, a lakeside cottage, the sports car you’ve always wanted, or whatever else, we can create a plan to get you there.


Our goal-based investment approach is designed with your best interests in mind. Following our core investing principles, we diversify your portfolio to manage risk and take advantage of overall market returns. This approach helps you focus on the big picture (your destination) instead of daily market fluctuations. It also decreases investment costs, meaning more money in your pocket. Our entire process is built to help you reach your destination.

Your destination is within reach. Book an appointment today.