What’s Your Destination?

Wealth Management with a Human Touch

Realize Your Dreams

Thinking about your family?

Thinking about safety and security?

Thinking about life after work?

The Kwajamii

We remove the barriers that prevent you from reaching your destination. By fusing the best of both sophisticated technology and a caring advisor, we find the best route to your destination. We put your dreams on a calendar, so you can check off the days until they become reality.

Where To?

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  • Retiring early to travel the world
  • Attending your child’s graduation ceremony
  • Paying off your debts
  • Peace of mind, knowing you have a nest egg saved up
  • A country home to make a lifetime of memories in
  • Taking care of your aging parents

Identify your income sources at retirement and build a dedicated portfolio to minimize longevity risks.

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Estimate education costs and build a portfolio to manage your contributions and the Government Grant.

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Review outstanding debts and optimize your payments to minimize the amount of interest paid.

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Optimize your savings. Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage to protect your family lifestyle.

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Create an investment plan to provide for the down payment on your family cottage.

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Anticipate their needs and build a portfolio to help cover senior residence costs.

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Achieving your dreams is like exploring the wild unknowns of the world of finance. You’re feeling lost without a reliable map. We remind people that there is hope. With Kwajamii as your guide, your dreams are no longer a fairy tale. We create financial plans for people in Ontario, looking to arrive at their destination.

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